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?>Berkshire Outdoor Education Trust - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support grants to individuals?

The Trust will only accept applications from schools or other educational establishments. Any grant will go to the school but the Trust does not mind if the school then uses the grant to assist individual families.

Is there any limit on the amount of grant that can be applied for?

To date grants from the Trust have ranged from £500 up to £3000. The Trust has capital assets of £400K, which are invested and produce an annual income of £20K. But there is nothing to prevent the Trust using its capital to increase the grant level.

Does it matter where our school is located?

The Trust allocates grants on the basis of need, so that schools with a large proportion of pupils on free school meals are more likely to receive a grant than schools with only a few such pupils.

We don't want to go to Rhos-y-Gwaliau. Is it worth applying?

Yes. Over half the schools that are being supported at present go to centres other than Rhos-y-Gwaliau.

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